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Mount Olive Baptist is a church that believes in Jesus

The foundation of our ministry is based on the “Word” of God and the desire to do His will by preaching and teaching the Gospel. 


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What is our Bridge Ministry?
BRIDGE (Building Relationships Into Divine Godly Elevation)! The BRIDGE is an exciting and dynamic new Millennial Ministry dedicated to learning, serving, and applying God’s principles to our daily lives as well as enriching our church and community. The BRIDGE Ministry exists to be the hands and feet of Jesus by bridging numerous gaps that may become barriers to living and walking in the Overflow of God’s blessings! We embrace the season of “Overflow” at Mt. Olive and are committed to collaboration, outreach, & serving. Our virtual & in-person bible studies are interactive times of learning God’s Word, linking that Word to our lives, and creating faith-based outreach activities that position us to consistently activate His Word. The
BRIDGE is designed to reach those between the ages of 20 and 40.

Johnson Community Clothing Bank

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What is the Johnson Community Clothing Bank Ministry?
In memory of Catherine Johnson, a faithful and dedicated member at Mt. Olive; the Catherine Johnson Community Food & Clothing Bank was established. Catherine lovingly referred to as “Miss Cat “, touched the lives of many globally and was an active member of the community. She believed in service and through this ministry we are able to continue her legacy of giving and servicing our community. The Food & Clothing Bank give-away takes place on the second (2nd) Saturday of each month. Clothes, shoes, school supplies, meals, information, and programs to assist the community are available free of charge. If you are interested in
donating time or resources for this ministry, please contact Sydnee Frazier or Vicky Wright ??


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Effectively Producing Youth for Christ’s Ministry
E.P.Y.C. Effectively Producing Youth for Christ’s vision is to teach our youth the fundamentals of the Holy Bible for Christian living; to meet the needs of our youth Spiritually, Physically, and Mentally by creating a positive wholesome Christian environment; and to encourage our youth to develop a personal relationship with Christ Jesus. E.P.Y.C. is geared towards children ages 0-12 & teens ages 13-19. E.P.Y.C. also works in corroboration with BRIDGE to meet the needs of our children, teens, and our community. E.P.Y.C. activities include Movie Night, Shut-Ins, Youth Explosions, off-campus trips, and much more!
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